The Beor the Old Amnesty Plan

The first step to fixing America’s immigration problem is guaranteeing effective enforcement of the law. There are an estimated 11 million to 30 million illegal aliens currently residing inside the borders of the United States. I propose a strict enforcement regime: any illegal alien found inside the borders of the United States will be immediately imprisoned for 3 years*, and upon completion of the 3 year sentence the illegal alien will be summarily deported**.

But I also propose a universal amnesty: illegal aliens will have 6 month window between the passage of the Undocumented Immigrant Universal Amnesty Act  and the institution of the imprisonment regime to vacate the United States. Any illegal alien found inside the borders of the United States before the end of the 6 month term will not face immediate imprisonment, but instead be allowed to return to his homeland unmolested. Of course, he will not be issued any revocation of illegal alien status, and if he remains inside the United States after the 6 month amnesty window, he will be imprisoned for 3 years and deported afterward.

I think this is fair.

*To save money, the prisoners could be held in an open-air prison outside Nogales, Arizona. I got the 3 year imprisonment idea from Steve Sailer.

**To save money, prisoners who didn’t originate in Mexico could be transported by container ship.