One step toward improving race relations

As a black man, President Obama has two radical options that could could change the dynamic between blacks and whites in America. The first option is that he could claim the mantle of the conquering warlord, extracting tribute from whites to repay his tribe. But this would leave everyone unsatisfied. Whites would feel resentful, but would also at last have an excuse to unburden themselves from helping the black underclass. Blacks would feel unsatisfied because this wouldn’t solve any of their problems. The struggle would continue, and it would become more vicious.

The second option is for President Obama to declare peace and forgiveness. This is what whites expected from the president all along. They know that they themselves are not at fault for the problems afflicting the black community, but they also feel responsible for helping their less well off countrymen. Many whites will support any initiative that purports to improve the condition of their black countrymen. However, those initiatives never seem to work, and white guilt is never assuaged.

Both blacks and whites seem to be losing their patience. The entire dialog of race relations is filled with lies. President Obama is in a position to cut through the lies and declare the truth. And there is one action he can take that would declare that the United State of America will not tolerate at least one egregious lie: President Obama should have Al Sharpton thrown in jail.

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