Cass Sunstein’s bizarre article.

I love this piece by Cass Sunstein. In it he limns the history of the Alger Hiss case, in which a paragon of 20th century liberalism was revealed to be a Soviet spy. Hiss couldn’t have been any more of a mainstream liberal:

Hiss’s career (including after he was accused of being a spy and after being in jail) included stints at: the State Department, the United Nations, clerking for Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr, the Justice Department, some Senate Committees, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and – naturally – Harvard Law.

During and after the revelations, all the other organs of mainstream liberalism continued to defend Hiss’s actions.

And Sunstein’s conclusion is that the Tea Party is irrational to distrust liberals.



There’s a better discussion about the article here.

4 thoughts on “Cass Sunstein’s bizarre article.

    • My guess is that Sunstein wants to promote the idea that the Tea Party is on the side of the irresponsible fanatical materialists–as in those Communists the liberals have absolutely resemblance to whatsoever!–while arguing that liberalism is more compatible with Chambers’s brand of pragmatic and humanist conservatism. The goal seems to be to give non-Tea Party Republicans an excuse to oppose the Tea Party faction.

      • It would seem that to be a respectable Republican means that you are one that never opposes Liberals unless they are actual Soviet Agent Stalinist Communists. And even then, you can only win a ‘strange new respect’ from folks like Sunstein about three generations later, and only when he’s trying to differentiate you from crazy paranoid extremists. Got it Cass, thanks.

      • I think one problem Sunstein is trying to solve is how to paint the Tea Party as uniquely radical. However, the Tea Party is probably to the left of Reagan conservatives and Buckley’s conservatives, who have each seen some ‘strange new respect’ lately.

        The liberal dogma holds that the conservatives are on the offensive, and that they pose a danger to the established order. This is clearly false, but liberals can’t see it. Their worldview precludes the possibility that a lot of what is wrong with the world is the result of well-minded liberals screwing up or the possibility that their schemes will inevitably fail.

        So Sunstein, with no actual examples of Tea Partiers being more radical than mainstream conservatives, must attempt to tie the movement to now-disgraced figures like Rand and McCarthy.

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